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41: Update that update, The MegaMan May & Too cool for PAX

Hi there! Thanks for checking out Heroes Of Handheld episode 41.

This week on the Podcast:

We start off with some idle spoiler-free The Wolf Among Us chatter before moving onto the usual News, Reviews, and Discussion sections…


  • 2 new models of Nintendo’s handheld: "Mickey Edition" 3DS XL and ScreenShot Image announced – both exclusive for America (Pink Peach at Gamestop and Mickey Mouse for Wal-mart)
  • Vita Updates – there’s been two this week! One with a large amount of stuff and one to stop the first update cocking up. If you’re having trouble installing check out the guide on Reddit here
  • Megaman Joy – you can vote for which Mega Man games you’d like to come to the Virtual Console in ‘Mega May’
  • Tearaway is getting the first batch of papery DLC – the pack will be mainly costumes and decorations for your messenger
  • Nintendo and Sony won’t be attending PAX East in early April
  • Football Manager Classic for PS Vita – more info in Episode 38 – releases April 11th, check out the cool looking screen shots below:








There’s a review of Threes for Android – which costs £1.49 on IOS – and £1.20 on Android. It’s very charming, intensely difficult, and incredibly addictive. Chris also does an incredibly brief review of Gravity Rush – more to come!

Topic Of The Week

A feature on PS Plus Predictions. Here are Chris’ and Colin’s guesses as to 5 titles we’ll see in the next financial year:

Chris: 1) PlayStation All-Stars; 2) Terraria 3) Dragon’s Crown 4) Arkham Origins Blackgate 5) Little Big Planet Vita

Colin: 1) PlayStation All-Stars; 2) Tearaway 3) ‘Some Shite JRPG’ 4) Rayman Legends 5) Walking Dead Series 1

The loser owes the winner a drink come April 2015!

But what are your predictions? Let us know in the usual fashion

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below:   For extra goodies you can also check us out on Youtube and Twitter. 



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