indiecastIndiecast, alongside Smashcast, is the first of a series of sister podcasts for Heroes of Handheld.

Alongside the main Heroes of Handheld podcast, Indiecast will be out every fortnight, reviewing the latest  indie games for PS Vita. As Sony continues to mark Indie notches against it’s bedpost, we will also be giving you all the latest Indie news right here, every two weeks.

Check out the full episode archive below:

IndieCast 19: Mind the Minecraft
IndieCast 18: The Volume of PS TV
IndieCast 17: Oh Deer God
IndieCast 16: The Console Seller
IndieCast 15: Third Party Bro!
IndieCast 14: Indie 3
IndieCast 13: Drift & Glitch
IndieCast 12: Dropkick to KickStart
IndieCast 11: Jet the Pet
IndieCast 10: Glorified and Horrified 
IndieCast 09: Pavilions and Polygons
IndieCast 08: The indie Revolution
IndieCast 07: Slimmest Bundle Ever!
IndieCast 06: Video That Audio!
IndieCast 05: Free the Slashing Commando!
IndieCast 04: Save our Furmins!
IndieCast 03: The Beautiful World of Proteus
IndieCast 02: Balance is Key
IndieCast 01: Today we Sparkle

You can find Indie Cast on iTunes by clicking here! And on Stitcher by clicking here! 

You can also find the videoed version on IndieCast on Youtube by clicking here!

And if you’d like to get in touch specifically with Indiecast please do, using the box below


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