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Expect a new episode every week! Below is the entire backlog of the Heroes of Handheld podcast:

Latest Episode: 225: Pokemon GO Fest Success, Nintendo Dominates in Japan & Octopath shortages

Previous Episodes
224: An N-Sane Experience, Nintendo’s Autumn Line Up & A Hole.io lot of trouble
223: The Great Mario Tennis Aces Review & Pokemon GO players swarm back
222: Switch Inside, A Friendly Pokemon GO Update & Grim FandanGO on Switch
221: The Ultimate Heroes of Handheld E3 Reactions Episode 2018
220: E3 Predictions, Mario Tennis Aces beta and Fifa 19 on Switch
219: Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee, Team Sonic Racing & Captain Toad
218: PS Vita Cartridges LIVE ON, Okami on Switch & Resident Evil Cloud Version
217: Sony OFFICIALLY ends the PS Vita, HQ Trivia BIG MONEY & Early Mario Tennis Access!
216: Nintendo Online details revealed & Pokemon GO Fest returns
215: Hogwarts FREEMIUM Mystery & The Nintendo E3 Masterplan
214: Happy Hogwarts Mystery Day & The Fractured BUT Expensive
213.5: Pokemon Switch leaks, Dark Souls delays
213: Hogwarts Mystery Release Date, Spyro Returns & Twitch Plays Super Mario Odyssey
212: Pokemon GO Fest Settlement, The Switch Dock Brick Conspiracy & A Chasm for Vita
211: WarioLand Trademarked, Banjo and Kazooie on Smash Bros & The Incredibles Lego
210: Fortnite on Mobile reviewed PLUS Pokemon Shoes and Nindies presentation
209: Super Smash Bros, Crash Bandicoot and Butt Wholes coming to Nintendo Switch!
208.5: Nintendo Direct, Kirby Star Allies and Gold Points
208: Happy Pokemon Day, At last it’s Outlast 2 and HQ Trivia from a winner’s perspective
207.5: Spyro Remaster on Switch, An Undertale Tale & My Nintendo Gold Points
207: Mario Kart going mobile! Crash on Switch & 3DS just won’t die
206.5: BANJO KAZOOIE ON SWITCH? Plus King of Fighters and Nintendo Switch sales data
206: What’s the deal with Nintendo Labo? The slow iPhone Fix & RollerCoaster Tycoon Investor call
205: Nintendo Explodes the Internet, Splatoon 2 MILLION & Netflix on Switch?
203: The Nintendo Switch Love Affair
204: Nintendo Direct Mini Round Up, Mario Tennis, Dark Souls Remastered & More!
202: A Different Pokemon Reality, Burnout: Paradise on Switch & A new Catherine
201: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Papers, Please is HERE! & Street Fighter Collection
200: Pokemon GO Gen 3, MegaMan coming to Switch & Amazons best selling game
199: Tamagotchi on Mobile, CRAWLing onto Switch & What’s the deal with Pocket Camp?
198: Animal Crossing in your Pocket, Pokemon GO Travel & Black Friday 2017<
197: The EA Loot Crate Storm, Handheld Skyrim is only 6 years late & Hurray for Hulu!
196: Super Mario Odyssey, Harry Potter GO, and Farewell Miiverse!
195.5: Rocket League on Switch, November PS Plus and Super Mario Odyssey impressions!
195: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp debrief, NIS America Vita interests Dwindling and Nintendo’s Review Policy
194.5: Neon Chrome, Stardew Valley and Football Strike
194: Welcome to the Splatfest, Son of Scoregasm & Even Stranger Things on Mobile
193: Sony Kills PS Vita 2, Inside coming to Switch & The spirit of Satoru Iwata
192.5: iOS 11 Heaven, bringing DOOM & Netflix to Switch!
192: iPhone X is a GRAND of fun, Nintendo Direct, and LA Noire on Switch!<
191: Mario’s new occupation, Worms on Switch & Earthbound to PS Vita!
190: The Life and Death of Miiverse, Secret of Mana Remake & No More Heroes on Switch
189.5: Super Nintendo Style 3DS hits the UK!, Demon Gaze 2 & SMASHING Controllers
189: Sonic Mania Switch issues, Papers, Please PLEASE & Yo-kai Watch Busters 2
188: Brawlout, The Smash Bros competitor, Half Life 2 on Switch & Mary Skelter: Nightmares
187.5: PS Plus Price hike, Metroid’s Hard Mode and Splatoon 2 one week on
187: The Death of the PS Vita, Pokemon GO Fest Fail & Splatoon 2
186: Pokemon GO Fest, Video Streaming arrives on Switch! & Pointless Keyboards
185: Bayonetta heading to Switch, Pokemon GO Raids our hearts & A Penny Punching Princess
184: The SNES Classic Conspiracy, Soapy rereleases and Switch to Oceanhorn
183.5: Pokemon GO Raids/HUGE Gym overhaul, Switch Update & Xbox Live Avatars 2.0
183: POST E3- A Mario Odyssey, This is the ANTHEM! & Milking the Skyrim cow
182: The Great British E3 off 2017, Switch Online Delayed & Attack on Titan 2
181: Welcome to Pokeland, Apple sabotaging Nintendo Switch? & Farewell PlayStation 3
180: The Switch Sitch, The Rabbids Leak & Our World is Ended
179: Zelda on Mobile?, What even is a Nintendo Switch & RIP Badge Arcade
177: The Price of Soap? The Fastest Mario Kart & 2DS XL
176: Nintendo Direct Reviewed
175: Heroes of Handheld Holiday edition!
174.5: Let’s Do The Switch Warp, Addicted to Puzzlejuice & Ginger Biscuits
174: Nintendo has BIG E3 Plans, Who cares about Japan? & Amazon Primed for Switch
173: That left JoyCon is FINE, Mass Disappointment & Ubisoft want your knowledge 172.5: Welcome to the butt party
172: The Nintendo Switch MegaFantastical Adventure Show
171: Nintendo Switch Reviews are IN, Cena in the Desert & Nokia 3310 Resurrected
170: Nintendo Switch gets JOHN CENA, PS Now No More & Happy Pokemon Day
169: Pokemon GO Gen 2 lands, Nintendo Switch is the simplest console & The PewDiePie Debate
168: Nintendo Switch Online Price, Forma.8 finally lands & Zelda at the Superbowl
167: Blow the Oceanhorn! Switch Specs & Pokemon Duel you wanna hurt me?
166: Nintendo Switch hits double figures! Pokemon Duel & Banner Saga 3
165: The Nintendo Switch Lowdown
164: How to dress your Kat, Nintendo Switch Predictions & An 80s Overdrive
163: Let’s do the PS Vita Warp again & Super Mario Run Fail
A Heroes of Handheld Special- Let’s Look Forward
A Heroes of Handheld Christmas: 2016s Best Games
162: Pokemon GO Update Disaster & Has Super Mario Run out of Ideas?
161.5: The Game Awards, PlayStation Experience 2016 & It’s a Wooly World (After all)
161: Nintendo Switch ‘Webcast’, The Game Awards Reveals & No Man Not Guilty
160: Pokemon Sun & Moon Bans, Skyrim Pinball & Black Friday Partyyyy!
159.5: The Price We Pay for Super Mario Run, PS Vita Zombie Killin’ & Mario Party Poopers
159: Giants on handheld, The Mass Effect & Harambe for Trump?
158: The Nonary Games, 3DS will live past the Switch & Vine Star Ultimatum
157: Nintendo Switch Joined, Exclusive Vita Space Exploration? & Pokemon GO Halloween Party
156.5: The Super Corpse Titan 3DS Reveal! An even more Mobile PS Vita!
156: New PS Vita Models are FATE, Pokemon Pre-Orders & Handheld Nostalgia
155: Made By Google Hoo-doo, Toy Story in ma boots! & A Demo to the Moon and Sun
154: The Late PS Vita, Digimon World Petition & Dragonball Z For Me!
153: A Digiworld PS Vita PR Disaster, A 3DS Corpse Party & The iBAG!
152: Swipe iOS 10 DOWN, New PS Vita Models! & Who’s Your Pokémon Buddy?
151: Nintendo Direct recap, Apple and Sony conferences and R.I.P HyperLight Drifter
150: A Mini Minecraft Tumble, Nintendo Direct Looming & The Banner Saga is ALIVE!
149: A New PS Vita on the Horizon?, The RPG Maker & Still Hunting the Moon148: GamesGONE, A Playstation Neo Vita & Sexy Meowth
147: Hue Me? Pokemon Fever & BatNObile
146: Farewell Terraria, Telltale Multiplayer? & The Animal Crossing Comeback
145: Heard of Pokémon GO? Berserk News & Monster Hunter Generations
Pokemon Go: Initial Thoughts!
144: A Deja Vu Twitch Itch, Pokemon GO Around the Corner & New Nintendo Handheld Confirmed?
143: Stickman to the Olympics! Ya’Know Lumo & Adventures of Mana
142: Mighty No. 9s Mighty Fail, Minecraft Battle Time & Ain’t No Party Like a Mario Party
141: E3 De-brief: Naked Dale, Zeldas Breath, Unfaithful Severed & GET Inside
140: Massive PS Vita Robot Battles, Pre-E3 & Iron From Ice BROTHER
139: Nintendo Underfoot, Minecraft Battles & The Tender Comic Con
138.5: Predictions for Sony and Nintendo at E3 & Kendall and Kylie are Klass?
138: The Elder Scrolls that Never Was, Nintendo Movies & Jenner Revelation
137: Handheld Uncharted Waters, Nuclear Golf Warefare & Guess the Pokémon! 
136: Iron Maiden Mobile, Aussie Sale Fun & Nintendo Vans
135: Creepy Nintendo Patent Squats, Severed Success & The ‘Her Story’ Story
134: A Severed Sequel rumoured, Unenthusiastic Metroid & YouTube In Memoriam
133: The Severed Call to Arms, A 3DS Corpse Party & BAFTA Award Winners
132: Miitomo Photo Fun, The Great Mega Man Vita Stress & What’s Pokémon?
131: In the Pokémon GO know, The PlayStation VR breakdown & The Best Telltale Episode EVER
130: No Skype Hype on Vita, Spring has sprung on StreetPass & Telltale News Galore!
129: Amazon Japan loves the Vita & A Monster Hunter Summer
127: The Pokémon Photo Booth & PS Vita surges in Japan
126.5: Tesco hates your brain, Hitman GO & Duke Nukem Gone
126: Games of the Year annouced for PlayStation and Nintendo? & The Square Enix Tease
125: PS Vita Update Uproar, Nintendo Rewarding Loyalty & Devito voicing Pikachu?
124: Sony saves PS Vita port, Detective Pikachu is a thing & Petting the Emblem 
123: The Sony/Facebook affair, The Mega Demo & Never Alone Never Coming
122: Not a Hero to Vita fans & MEGA Megaman headphones
121: Watch out for Splatoon, Volume lands on PS Vita & Porting Difficulties
What’s to come in the World of Handheld Gaming
A Heroes of Handheld Christmas
120: Vita Snubs Europe, Letting off Pokemon Steam & It’s Ad Hoc Doc
119: The Bandicoot Conspiracy, Creed on Vita & Smash Bros Suspense
118: Tales from the Black Friday
117: The Great Handheld Black Friday Breakdown 2015
116: Nintendo Directs you to the Clouds & The Vita Boob Tug
115: Nintendo Direct Returns, Vita stalwart quits & Handheld Fiesta
114: Nintendo’s News Approach, Borderlands 2 Updates, Binding of Isaac
113: First Party Vita Support, Nintendo Directs, Halloween Minecraft
112: Stability increases, Yo-kai Watch, Defunct PSN Sales
111: Star Wars Samurai Battles on PS Vita?! & Woopla for Hoopla
110: The Must for a Great Bust & The Grand Nintendo Unveiling
109: Sony Blames Mobile Gaming rather than their own Vita Incompetence & New 3DS US Bound?
108: Gravity Rush deserts Vita and The Cunning Nintendo 3D Conspiracy
107: PS Vita brings the Super Meat & Nintendo’s new Big Cheese revealed
106: Nintendo Rebirth, PlayStation Asia’s Big Mistake & Apple Joins the Team
105: A New PS Vita, A Standard 3DS U.S Release & Tokyo Games Show
104: Farming Simulator, Pokemon re-releases, and Colin’s sex change!
103: Attack of the Boobies, The Megaest Pack & Nintendo Release Date Spree
102: PS Now Limps onto PS Vita, New Games & The flow of Amiibo 

101: A New PS Vita Revelation & A New Quest for Nintendo
100: PS Mobile Revived!, Amiibo Cards & Nostalgia Podcasting
99: Remembering a Video Gaming Visionary & Farewell PS Mobile
98.5: Nier is Far, NX News & Horrifying Pokemon
98: PS Plus Birthday Blitz, Traverse Miiverse & Assassins Creed Returns
97: Love mystifies Nintendo, Gravity Rush 2 & Horror on Handheld
96: The Great E3 2015 Depression
95: Pre-E3 Predictions, Megaman Commeth & Meet Meat Boy
94: PS Vita Legacy Controversy, Pokemon No Longer a Mystery & Farewell Fifa
93: Sony E3 Plans Revealed, Nintendo Enforcing Amiibo Policy & New Games Galore!
92: PlayStation FLASH VITAAHHH, A Konami Economy & Fake Anniversary
91: Disney Infinity 2.0, Nintendo Theme Park & We’re Heading to E3?!
90: PS Now is Soon? 3DS Hacking Dilemma & Happy Birthday Heroes of Handheld!
89: OUYA gonna Blame? PSP Back from The Dead & MewTwo Smash
88: The Vita 3000 conspiracy, The 3DS Lord Cometh & Farewell YouTube
87.5: A Vita Update Miracle? Shovel Shelved & Monster Hunter Funster
87: Easter Surprise! Fire Emblem 2016 and Sony Refunds Vita Owners
86: HEROES OF MOBILE, PS TV Sky rockets & Nintendo Direct Check
85: Mass Effect on PS Vita?!, Nintendo Stars Soar & I Am Handheld
84: RIP PlayStation Mobile, Nintendos Forgets U & Hotline Miami Calamity
83: The Nvidia Revolution & The Attack of the PSN
82.5: Here’s a Sony Plus! & OlliOlli 2 timing Nintendo?
82: Hotline Miami 2 is coming, PS Vita crushes New 3DS & 3DS Birthday Bash!
81: Happy Birthday PS Vita!, Minecrafts Violence Ban & Party to die for on 3DS
80: BAFTA banter, Ironfall Invasion Incoming & “Secret” PlayStation Event
79: Hotline Miami 2 SYKE!, Vita Trade-ins Plummet & Nintendos Demo Plurge
78: So NEAR and yet so far for PS Vita & Disney and Nintendo Down with UP
77: Enter New 3DS XL, Belts for Cows in Minecraft & Farewell Club Nintendo
76: PS TV Price Sinks, New 3DS Nintendo Direct Tease & Free PS Vita Games
75: Sonys Christmas Hack, PS Now Subscription Pricing & Harvest December!
The New Years Eve Handheld Extravaganza!
Christmas Special: Handheld all the Way!
74: Cancelled Metroid, Unmechanical Scrapped on Vita & Oddworld arrives!
73: The PlayStation Experience Digest & 3D YouTube Uploads by Nintendo
72: The End of the 3DS XL, Sony Promises their undying Vita love & Free MOBA
71: Sony refunds Vita owners, Nintendo Download Boxes? & Black Friday Sales 
70: Around the Sony Bend, Pin it on Monster Hunter & AAA returns
69: Oh My Majora! Heroes of Bundles?, and The PlayStation Experience Plan
68: Breaking Telltale?, Nintendo Knocks Region Lock & Puzzlingly Actiony
67: Freedom Wars for ALL, Pokemon Demo Codes & Handheld JOY…sticks
66: The Minecraft Distraction & Halloween OOOOOOOOFFERSSSS
65: Netflix snubs PS TV, Monster Hunter Pre-orders & Handheld Minecraft
64: Smash Bros Monster Mash, Atlantic PS TV divide & Theme Team
63: New 3DS Down Under, PlayStation TV is Coming & Minecraft Final Testing
62: Smash Bros Smashs, Sony TGS Vita leaks & Dancing Handheld Queen?? 
61: Vita TGS line-up revealed, High Panted Metroid & Layton in London
60: The Stream and Theme machine & is this the end of the 3DS?
59.5: Improved 3DS models, Ps Plus in September and Chris’ whizzy editing
59: Handheld Sandwich, Bundle of Action & Enter the Hunter
58: The Great PS Vita Gamescom backlash & Set Sales for Handheld!
57: Be Paranoid Android Users, Daft Graphs & The Art of Monster Hunter
56: Getting Physical with Freedom Wars, X for Twitch & Heroes Undress
55: A Smashing Comic-Con, Espionage on Vita & Monster Hunter 4 Claw
54.5: No Shock on Bioshock Vita & Nintendo loves the FUTURE
54: Nintendo’s Cross Buy Revelation & The Vanishing Vita Conspiracy
53: Megaman Madness, PS Now Prices & Patch that Update
52: The TV formerly known as Vita & Full Codename Steam ahead!
51: E3 Madness, and the heroes reunite!
50: Milestone Madness!, Farewell PSP & Handheld E3 Predictions
49: Minecraft and Harvest Moon inbound & Jacket goes to Comic-Con
48: Child of Light is ON! (Vita), E3 Leaks & Wii Wifi says Bye Bye
47: Nintendo’s Tomodachi Apology, Kat’s  Selfie & Half-Life on Mobile
46: The Newest Old Pokemon Game, Slim in the States & Ode to Killzone
45: A Glitch Itch, The Golden Week & Grin… it’s Grinsia!
44: Telltale Talk, Bargain Bonanza & Heroes of Hearthstone
43: Japanese japes, Championship Manager costs and golfing on the go!
42: A Bundle of Borderlands Fun, Battle Royale with Cheese & Mobile Meg
41: Update that Update, The Megaman May & too cool for PAX
40: Dating the Vita, New Leafs New Record & you’ve lost the plot!
39: Pikachu walks it in, Mario Happy Meals & Blame the Smartphone! 
38: Your Childhood Sucks, eShop DOWN & Ginnys Pyjamas 
37: Wii be Dead, Borderlands 2 Vita Tease & Poked on the Bus
36: Happy Handheld Day!, Deals that Kill & Pokemon for Free?!
35: Pokemon Twitch Itch, Free Vita DLC & Zero Funding for Zero Escape 3
34: EA Loves the Hate, Vita Slim crosses the pond & Knuckles is Buff
33: We’re in the Multiverse!
32: Sony’s Slimmest Tease Yet, Monster Hunter 4U crosses the ocean in 2015, and Nintendo Staff taking pay cuts
31: Nintendo by Numbers, PlayStation’s Vita Play Ploy and let’s talk Tearaway
30: Vita and 3DS are awesome…But not when you forget to save
29: Playstation now is NOW & Nintendo sued for 3D usage?!
28.5: Its a Handheld Christmas Miracle!
28: The Heroes of Handheld Christmas Spectacular!
27: Waiting for a 3DS Update, getting deflowered, and is 2013 the year of the Handheld?
26: Museums on your 3DS, God Of War comes to Vita, and Mr. Mime has a sexual revelation
25: Tearaway: The Vita Seller, Cockblocking from Nintendo, and Xbox 1Hand?
24: Stuck between a Nintendo Direct and the PS4 Launch
23: “Greatness is Portable”
22: Tearaway is ready to blow you away & Nintendo Pokemon Updates
21: Enter 2DS, PS Vita ports are expensive & Blackgate delayed
20: The PS4 and Vita bundle coming soon? OBJECTION & Pokemon X and Y leaked
19: Exciting podcast news, new 3DS colours, Tearaway talks and should you listen to critics? 
18: A Nintendo legend remembered, Tokyo Game Show recapped, and Fifa under fire 
17: GTA on your Vita? & 3DS wants to catch ’em all
16: PS Vita TV aims to change gaming & Miiverse on your 3DS
15: Nintendo’s 2DS Pokemon Ploy & Vita Beta pt.2
14: Infinity Loot
13: Vita Beta
12: Firmware Square
11: Hype Machine
10: Mercenary Wolf
09: Moral Journey
08: Epic Hashtag
07: Everybodys Jaxster
06: Dragon Direct
05: E3 Spike
04: Vader Crossing
03: Blackgate Beast
02: Giraffe Passes
01: The World of Vita and 3DS


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