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IndieCast 11: Jet the Pet

Welcome to episode 11 of IndieCast. You may have noticed this episode has a weird name… well as you know I love giving my podcasts crazy names which are in some way relevant to the topics discussed… how do jets and pets relate? You’ll have to listen to find out!

So more annoucements this week for the PS Vita and its indie revolution! This week Colin talks about:


  • iFruit

Good old Chop [Source: Polygon]
Good old Chop [Source: Polygon]
This was discussed way back in September 2013 on the Heroes of Handheld Main Show, and has only now found its way onto the Vita. A companion app for GTA 5, you can design cars and play with Franklins Dog… that’s all well and good but surely this is too little too late? GTA 5 is old news. What do you think?

  • Jet Car Stunts

Colin is always excited at the news of racing games coming to the Vita. There just aren’t any good ones at the moment! Developed by Grip Games, this is a remake of the 2009 mobile hit. Basically you control a car with a built in jet… niceeeee. The developer is going to be giving the game a fresh lick o’ paint for its Vita released, but as yet there is no release date.



  • PS Vita Pets

A durrr [Source: Joystiq]
A durrr [Source: Joystiq]
This was also discussed on the main show last year, but as it was so long ago the episode is hidden in the confines of space and time… But we finally have a release date for the eagerly anticipated Nintendogs rip off PS Vita Pets! Yay!


  • The Binding of Issac

A weird little indie game created by Edmund McMillen, it involves a psychotic mother and a weird basement labyrinth… creepy. Its sold nearly three million copies on steam, so this will be one to look out for.


Not the happiest of chaps [Source: Financial Post]
Not the happiest of chaps [Source: Financial Post]
 Colin also discusses the out coming game Table Top Racing. A big thank you to Jordan Smith for e-mailing in to inform me of this. It looks like a fun little racer, and has out to 4 player co-op! Colin is very excited! Its being developed by Liverpool based developer Playrise and Ripstone, who created the awesome Gun Commando.

Mario Kart eat your heart out [Source: Eurogamer]
Mario Kart eat your heart out [Source: Eurogamer]

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