Smashcast, along with  Indiecast, are the first in a series of sister podcasts for Heroes of Handheld.

Alongside the main Heroes of Handheld podcast, Smashcast will be out once every two weeks, giving you all the latest news on Super Smash Bros for 3DS, one of the most anticipated titles for 2014.

Check out the full episode archive below:

Episode 22: 1st December 2014

Episode 21: 13th October 2014

Episode 20: 14th September 2014

Episode 19: 31st August 2014

Episode 18: 17th August 2014

Episode 17: 27th July 2014

Episode 16: 29th June 2014

Episode 15: 15th June 2014

Episode 14: 26th May 2014

Episode 13: 5th May 2014

Episode 12: 10th April 2014

Episode 11: 27th March 2014

Episode 10: 13th March 2014

Episode 9: 27th Feb 2014

Episode 8: 2nd February 2014

Episode 7: 26th January 2014

Episode 6: 4th January 2014

Episode 5: 3rd December 2013

Episode 4: 17th November 2013

Episode 3: 3rd November 2013

Episode 2: 20th October 2013

Episode 1: 4th October 2013

You can also find Smashcast on iTunes by Clicking Here!

And if you’d like to get in touch specifically with Smashcast you can! Please use the box below.

Also, our theme song is supplied with permission by Milton on Freesound. Go check out his music and sound effects!


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