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Smashcast 16: Trophy Rush, Shoddy Journalism, and the versatile Mii Fighters

Trophy Rush, World Hobby Fair, More details on the Mii Fighters Hi there! Welcome to an incredibly speedy Smashcast. Apologies for the lack of bells and whistles but it’ll be back in a fuller form in 14 days time! Meanwhile: this week on the podcast… The World Hobby Fair – here’s the flyer (though it’s… Continue reading Smashcast 16: Trophy Rush, Shoddy Journalism, and the versatile Mii Fighters

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53: Megaman Madness, PS Now Prices & Patch that Update

PS Now, Get Well Soon Iwata and Shuhei Never says Never to a PS Vita PS4 Bundle Welcome to Episode 53!   News before the news: Colin isn’t happy with PS Now Prices Telltale discussion – including Borderlands on Vita and some Wolf Among Us episode 4 chatter  What plays when you call up Nintendo?… Continue reading 53: Megaman Madness, PS Now Prices & Patch that Update

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52: The TV formerly known as Vita & Full Codename Steam ahead!

The Twitter Vita Movement, PlayStation TV and Codename Steam.

Hey there! Welcome to Heroes Of Handheld.

In the news this week:

  • #PSVitaDirect is a Twitter movement for more Vita acknowledgement from Sony – check out some recent t for a taste
  •  Tetris Ultimate is coming to 3DS! We spoke about the Vita version last week.
  • Codename Steam is the big new IP fro 3DS. From the makers of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars and comes to the 3DS next year. There are pictures on Nintendo’s Facebook as well as a 50 minute interview with the developers 
  • More FF Explorers details from Gematsu – including the expected playtime (100 – 200 hours!) and a bit about how jobs / skills will work.
  • Kotaku put up an excellent interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Shinya Takahashi about the future of Metroid (With the good news being yes there is a future!)
  • Harvest Moon 2 and 3 are coming to Virtual Console on 3DS
  • Fifa 2015 is coming to Vita 
  • PlayStation Vita TV has a release date in Europe/America in Autumn/Fall, as well as an expected price point of £85 (thanks, Telegraph)
  • Borderlands 2 bundle seems to be selling quite well (current figures of the bundle are at around 56,000 sales)


We also have a review for Angry Birds Epic – an Angry Birds RPG . But is more pig-exploding worth your time?


Here is a picture of Aaron Paul looking not so happy.

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