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26: Museums on your 3DS, God Of War comes to Vita, and Mr. Mime has a sexual revelation

It’s our half year anniversary!

Episode 26 is a bumper episode, filled with all the missing news from last week (blame Colin jollying off to France).

This week, there’s a ton of 3DS News: a new app featuring La Louvre, details on the crappy YouTube app, news from Mutant Mudds’ creators Renegade Kid, and a sequel to a game that isn’t out that looks a bit crappy. On Vita, there’s news of a PS4 Bundle which doesn’t save all that much money, a God Of War bundle coming to handhelds, and Persona 4 Golden is selling by the bucket-load. Colin and Chris also talk about two great Android/IOS titles coming out: Assassin’s Creed Pirates, and GTA San Andreas.

Colin reviews Tearaway, with unexpected results. Speaking of Tearaway, it’s had some really wacko trailers come out in Japan, which you can find at the bottom of this article.

Finally the dynamic handheld duo talk about ways games have taken us by surprise, though not always for the best.

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Assassin’s Creed Pirates is coming out on “high end Smartphones and tablets” on December 5th. View the trailer here:

There’s also a trailer for Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth which was announced this week(all in Japanese)

Colin wasn’t that big of a fan of Tearaway, but you can make up your mind from the trailers below (again, both in Japanese, and again, both batshit crazy):

Here’s where you can find instruction on how to fix the YouTube app for 3DS, courtesy of forum member Kinode.

Finally here‘s a gallery of Kirby Triple Deluxe screenshots, originally on

Enjoy this week’s episode and we look forward to next week, where Chris will have visited the Louvre from bed and Colin will be reviewing Flower.


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