IndieCast 05: Free the Slashing Commando!

Episode five of Indie cast is here, meaning its time to once again take a look at the world of Indie gaming on the Playstation Vita.

Sony is making Playstataion Mobile titles free every week leading up to Christmas, so you can guess what Colin has been playing this week!

It was announced this week that Kododu, a new Horror indie title from Carnivore, will be released in 2015 on Vita and PS4. PocketGamer states that you will play as a collector who has traveled to a haunted Japanese island to search for a mysterious book. Guarding the tome is a shed-load of angry spirits, that you must prove to the world are real by collecting evidence and documents as you go. Sounds awesome, but 2015?? Can we REALLY wait that long?!

More info can be found here

This weeks free Playstation Mobile games were Gun Commando, a game where you use bad ass guns to stop an alien invasion, and Mononoke Slashdown, and game where you use bad ass swords to stop a demon invasion.

Gun Commando plays homage to classic first person shooters from the 80’s, with pixely graphics, and a badass main protagonist who main aim in life is to blast alien heads of with a variety of shotguns. For gameplay footage, watch the video below!

For more information on the games developer Ripstone LTD, click here

The second free game is the annoyingly spelt Mononoke Slashdown, which is a side scrolling slasher game where you play a young ninja called Kagemaru who needs to defeat a whole host of ugly demonds and ghouls.

For more information on the games developer FK Digital, click here

You can listen by clicking below: or by finding us on iTunes by clicking here


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