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62: Smash Bros Smashs, Sony TGS Vita leaks & Dancing Handheld Queen??

Nintendo’s Winter treat, Sony’s TGS leak & duck smoothies

We start off today’s podcast talking about our favourite old school mobile games. Chris’ was Muniki’s Castle – what was yours?


Then in actual news…

  • Ice climbers arent in Smash Bros – because though they would work on the WiiU versiono, the 3DS version couldn’t quite hack it. Thanks, IGN.
  • There will be a demo for the new Pokemon games – and not only will it be in English but it will have unlimited plays!
  • EU’s Winter bonus programme for new 3DS owners is announced!
  • Smash Bros 4 has hit 1 million sales in Japan alone! (Thanks )
  • Japan is getting some more Pokemon 3DS models! Why not preorder one here 
  • Steamworld Dig is getting a sequel – definitely for 3DS & WiiU but with other platforms (Vita) likely. More information in the developer’s interview with Nintendo here
  • The Wolf Among Us comes to Vita in November -( thanks vitalounge )
  • Unity news for Playstation Developers 
  • Part of Sony’s TGS lineup has been accidentally leaked (thanks, Gematsu)
  • Ubisoft aren’t planning any more Assassins’ Creed on Vita

  • Frozen Synapse Prime comes to Vita next week (from the Playstation Blog)

All this plus smoothie receipes and a large duck visits the studio.

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One thought on “62: Smash Bros Smashs, Sony TGS Vita leaks & Dancing Handheld Queen??

  1. Grate show but…..
    1. The intro… No love for my old Nokia Ngage?

    2. Still no inde-cast….. Is “Murasaki Baby” cast as an inde? What do you think?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

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