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IndieCast 18: The Volume of PS TV

PS TV has a lot of Game, Where oh Where is Minecraft? & Volume looks awesome.

Welcome to a very late IndieCast, the worlds only podcast dedicated to everything Indie on the PS Vita Store. Colin gives a perfectly reasonable excuse for being late, which includes Hollywood, Califonia beach parties and sniffing powder of a hookers deriair. But then we get the real excuse. There is only one bum here, and his name is Colin. So this week, Colin talks about;

  • His excitement for the upcoming Mike Bithell game, Volume
Face it, you're doomed
Face it, you’re doomed
  • His peaked interest in Futuridium EP Deluxe
Psychedelic Man
Psychedelic Man
  • and a brief thought on the PlayStation TV.
Cool Box
Cool Box

You can listen by clicking below:

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or you can find us on Stitcher here!

You can find our Youtube page here!


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