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48: Child of Light is ON! (Vita), E3 Leaks & Wii Wifi says Bye Bye

Comic-cons, Wifi’s gone and Child of Light is ON (Vita)

Thanks for listening to Heroes of Handheld! Here’s what we spoke about in Episode 48:

  • Going to MCM Expo? Chris is too! Come find him in a cracking cosplay as Jacket from Hotline Miami
  • We played Killzone together on Sunday and it was fab. Stay tuned for details on the next one…
  • Senran Kagura – we messed up last week –  apologise for the wrong information!
  • Colin and Chris also answer the question: what is going on with our YouTube?
  • Sony’s bank balance is called into question
  • GAME are going onto the stock market (Do not pass go do not collect £200 in-store Credit)
  • Notch is working on something for Vita. But what is it? Picture below:Minecraft Devloper Markus Persson Working On Ps Vita Game
  • Minecraft PS Vita is on Amazon for the low low price of £12.85 – pre-order here if you’re interested!
  • There have been all sorts of Nintendo E3 ‘leaks’ – some of which look more true than others!
  • Ubisoft smash Child of Light is coming to Vita
  • Nintendo are pretending the 3DS doesn’t exist – it’s now ‘missing’ from their site:
  • Pokemon is getting a free Streetpass Game in Japan 
  • RIP Nintendo WiFi Connection – DS and Wii games no longer playable online. Full list of affected titles here 
  • Mini reviews – Pokemon X/Y, Family Guy the Quest for Stuff, and Persona 4 Golden

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