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Smashcast 14: Prepare Yourself for E3!

Ike, Wonderful 101, Bullet Bills and super inspirational competitive players.

Hi there! Welcome to Smashcast – the Podcast from your friends at Heroes of Handheld which is dedicated to all things Super Smash Bros 4.

On the show:

  • Ike makes a triumphant return – and two potential characters are sort of de-confirmed
  • Team outlines make your characters look pretty
  • Left and right visual changes – hard to explain in audio but easy to explain in pictures (see below how the characters are mirrored of each other along a central vertical axes) 
  • Charizard is getting some cool new moves – Fire Blitz, his new Side-B, looks super powerful!
  • Revival platforms are getting a graphical update
  • A new item in the form of Bullet Bill, which is similar to the Mario Kart version (and will hopefully lead to just as much swearing)
  • Dragoon, the three-piece super weapon, is back.
  • You can (and I intend to repeatedly) play as the female villager from Animal Crossing 
  • Want to go to E3? You might be able to, thanks to Nintendo of America! 

  • Vooks have given out the times you’ll be able to watch the E3 Super Smash Bros tournament play out (it’s either middle of the day, or kind of early in the morning!)
  • Reddit User ClipseII has compiled everything we know about Pokemon in Super Smash Bros – it’s great to see all the information sumemd up in one handy picture:
  • My favourite picture I’ve seen this week: someone without a left arm playing Smash Bros, using his feet to control movement. He did an AMA and it’s super interesting. 


Thanks for listening to Episode 14 of Smashcast!

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below:   For extra goodies you can also check us out on Youtube and Twitter. 


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