My Week with Handheld…

Colin and Chris both love handheld gaming, and each week they will post their portable shenanigans, telling you what they’ve been doing with their device (Hopefully mostly gaming related!)


Week 6 [27th September] 3DS (Resident Evil, Dragon Crystal) Vita (Playstation Allstars)

Week 5 [12th September] 3DS (Pokemon, Terraria, Fire Emblem) Vita (Memory card woe)

Previous entries:

Week 4 [4th September] 3DS (Fire Emblem, Mutant Mudds] (Colins extended time off)

Week 3.5 (Chris and Colin’s big week off) [28 August] 3DS, Vita (Mercenaries Beta)

Week 3 [21 August] 3DS (Mutant Mudds, Allstar Island) Vita (Open Me!, Mahjong)

Week 2 [14 August]: 3DS (Mutant Mudds) Vita (Thomas Was Alone, Deathmatch Village)

Week 1 [7th August]: 3DS (Animal Crossing, Gunman Clive) Vita (Spyro The Dragon 2) 


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