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144: A Deja Vu Twitch Itch, Pokemon GO Around the Corner & New Nintendo Handheld Confirmed?

Jam packed episode this week!

  • We review Headball for Android. How is the tutorial?
  • There’s a new Nintendo patent for this 3DS GBA looking controlly type thing Nintendo Handheld patented (great writeup here from pocket-lint)Nintendo NX patent shows handheld console after all
  • Idol Death Game TV comes to PS Vita (thanks Gematsu!)
  • Fight it out with your favourite fonts in new Vita title TYPERIDER
  • Official Twitch App arrives on PS Vita
  • FuniMation brings all the anime to your Vita

  • Shin Megami Tensei IV will come to Europe!

  • Pokemon GO is rolling out – currently available in Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. Check the store page here.
  • Cute Monster Hunter DLC featuring Windwaker! 
  • New myNintendo Rewards are up- including a pretty juice Pilotwings discount!
  • Fun new Phoenix Wright trailer!
  • Nyoki Nyoki comes to Japan (thanks, Gematsu!) Nyoki Nyoki

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