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141: E3 De-brief: Naked Dale, Zeldas Breath, Unfaithful Severed & GET Inside

The big E3 rundown

Microsoft (watch their full conference here)

  • Gears of War 4 –
  • Cross Buy?! Xbox Play Anywhere
  • Sea of Thieves annnounced!
  • Inside, from the makers of Limbo (currently free on Xbox One) announced!
  • XBox one S announced!
  • Xbox Project Scorpio

Sony (watch their full conference here!)


Nintendo (watch their conferences on the Nintendo YouTube channel)

  • Severed, from Drinkbox studios, announced for 3DS/Vita!
  • Pokemon Go will come out in or before July – and the companion watch thing will cost a thrifty $35
  • Pokemon Sun / Moon has a new trailer – with some cool new Pokemon revealed! 
  • Oh, and this little game called Zelda
  • Also announced – a Waluigi amiibo! New Shantae game! Axiom Verge comes to WiiU!
  • There’s currently a sale on in the North American eShop!
  • Hot off the press- a new 3DS RPG called Ever Oasis!

Any other business?

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda looks a bit pants
  • FIFA will have a STORY MODE
  • Telltale news, including Batman and The Walking Dead– Batman and Walking Dead –

Bruce Selina






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