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132: Miitomo Photo Fun, The Great Mega Man Vita Stress & What’s Pokémon?

Welcome to Episode 132 of Heroes of Handheld!

  • An indepth review of Miitomo from both Chris and Colin!
  • More Gears of War (hooray..)
  • Danny Devito doesn’t know what Pokemon is (thanks Destructoid!)
  • Badge Arcade is going down for maintenance on the 7th nintendo-badge-arcade-maintenance
  • Flipnote Studio 3D is available to all My Nintendo account holders – get on it!
  • Europeans can preorder various Fire Emblem bundles on the Nintendo store
  • Bloo Kid is being remade for 3DS
  • System software updates bth for PS4 and PS Vita
  • PS Plus users are very much not happy
  • Mega Man 2 is out on Vita, and it is kind of a big deal

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