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121: Watch out for Splatoon, Volume lands on PS Vita & Porting Difficulties

Thanks for downloading – THE GANG ARE BACK TOGETHER!

  • What have Chris and Colin been playing over Christmas?
  • Splatoon Watches come to Japan!
  • FIFA Football question
  • Volume out today on Vita!
  • World Of Pirate Ships – free game recommendation for Android!
  • Sales figures for Japan – success stories from the WiiU, PS Vita, and 3DS (including 20 million Nintendo 3DS sales total!)
  • Fire Emblem website is up.
  • Nintendo Network is getting some maintenance  next week – thanks SegmentNext!
  • The blind man who beat Ocarina Of Time – check out his playthrough here!
  • Interested in Bravely Second?

  • After the outage, Sony looking to extend PS Plus

  • Turns out its a little tricky to Port to Vita – an interview with the VitaLounge.
  • New games coming to PS Now

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