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116: Nintendo Directs you to the Clouds & The Vita Boob Tug

Nintendo Direct, Dragon Quest Vita, Pokemon Red Blue Yellow



  • Our FREE GAME CLUB game is The Path To Luma
  • Telltale’s Game of Thrones ep 6 is out!
  • Red Blue Yellow Remakes are coming Prepare yourselves for FEB 27th 2016
  • Pokemon Picross has a December release!
  • Super Mystery Dungeon has a February release date in Europe!
  • Hyrule Warriors Legends comes out March 25th 2016
  • Linkle is a confirmed new character 
  • There’ll be a special edition with her compass!
  • Also a new Toon Link video has come out! 
  • Triforce Heroes has new content coming!  
  • Also Dragon Quest 7 and 8 come to 3DS in 2016 (thanks gamezone!) 
  • Bravely Second comes out 2016 with a sweet collector’s edition
  • Watch the full Nintendo November Direct here.
  • A new Vita has been announced – with a Dragon Quest theme!
  • A Super Nintendo Star Wars game coming to Vita!
  • No Level Editor for Hotline Miami 2 Vita
  • Lots of Bikinis in the latest Dead or Alive trailer

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