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114: Nintendo’s News Approach, Borderlands 2 Updates, Binding of Isaac

Club Nintendo Replacement, Civ on Vita, and Stella Glow.

Thanks for downloading another sandwich episode from your friends at Heroes of Handheld.

This week:

  • Nintendo’s big plans going forward, including the Club Nintendo replacement and mobile game announcement (go read NintendoEverything‘s great writeup!)nintendo-account-my-nintendo
  • PS Plus games announced for Europe and USA in November 2015!
  • Binding of Isaac for Europe New 3ds / WiiU – how are you finding it?
  • Borderlands 2 gets a Vita update (thanks therealfight on Reddit!)
  • Stella Glow comes to Europe in March 2016!
  • Animal Crossing’s adorable trailer
  • First Party Vita Projects aren’t entirely dead (thanks VG247)
  • Another great Mario theme arrives!

  • Civilization Revolution 2 announced for Vita!
  • It’s going to be easier to publish on the eShop (a great write up from Perfectly-Nintendo here)
  • Happy Christmas from Nintendo!

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