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113: First Party Vita Support, Nintendo Directs, Halloween Minecraft

Monster Hunter invades Animal Crossing, Gravity Rush skips Vita, Triforce Heroes DLC?

Thanks for downloading this week’s Heroes of Handheld. We’re joined once again by Colin’s Scottish female alter-ego Emma to take you through the week’s 3DS and Vita news.

  • Big news in the slow decline of the Vita: Sony First Part studios are not developing for the Vita (cheers, IGN)
  • The Nintendo Direct will return before the end of the year!

  • Monster Hunter comes to Animal Crossing next week!

  • Could Triforce Heroes be getting some DLC? Hidden text seems to suggest so!
  • This weekend is Streetpass Weekend in the States – find your nearest spot here!
  • Darkest Dungeon gets a PS4/Vita release next year!

  • Trillion: God Of Destruction comes to Vita in Spring 2016!
  • Helldivers gets an expansion!
  • Minecraft has spooky Hallowen DLC – as well as content based on the Star Wars prequels! StarWarsPrequel_PS4_09
  • Gravity Rush 2 is confirmed – for PS4 only.  
  • We also talk about the excellent Mr. Square – free on iOs and Android

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And huge thanks to Emma for coming on board – follow her adventures here.


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