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111: Star Wars Samurai Battles on PS Vita?! & Woopla for Hoopla

Welcome to the ultimate sandwich! It’s Episode 111 of Heroes of Handheld.

In a shortened edition of the podcast, we discuss Corpse Party, Blood Drive

Digimon and Star Wars Samurai warriors from the world of PS Vita and Sony!

And from the world of Nintendo:

Hoopla comes to USA and Europe! Hoopla is being distributed in GAME in Europe and the location isn’t confirmed in USA.

Tri-Force Heroes has a website up! Plus demo codes being distributed in USA – keep your eyes on your inboxes…

Keep updated on the Club Nintendo replacement

NintendoEverything are reporting that Sega themes, talked about last week, are coming to USA.

A new Gravity Falls game comes out on October 20th in the States!

Sonic speeds onto the 3DS!

Medabots 9 has a new trailer too!

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