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110: The Must for a Great Bust & The Grand Nintendo Unveiling

Senran Kagura, Skull Kid and Paper Jam

Welcome to Episode 110!

  • We feedback on last week’s free game of the week- Skeletomb – Google Play | iOs
  • Check out Rugby Kick Off and get in touch!: Android | iOs
  • We open an Animal Crossing Amiibo pack LIVE ON AIR! You can buy them from the Nintendo store for £3.49
  • Senran Kagura has a new boob-based expansion DLC. Is this a wind up? (thansk Nichegamer!)
  • Mario and Luigi has a 2015 Japanese release date – December 3rd!
  • Skull Kid coming to Hyrule Warriors Legends (thansk gematsu!)
  • Why not invest in an amazing Satoru Iwata amiibo? All for charity!  
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV Final announced – some great screenshots from siliconera!

  • A game gear theme is coming to 3DS!

  • Monster Hunter DLC for October looks super fun!
  • Red Game without a Great Name announced for Vita!
  • Slain! looks sick and has a release date

  • got an explanation on why Super Meat Boy has such difficult trophies
  • Kinda Funny interviewed Shuhei Yoshida about his comments on PS Vita last week.
  • Bob’s Burgers Pinball coming to Vita!


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