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104: Farming Simulator, Pokemon re-releases, and Colin’s sex change!

Thanks for downloading Heroes of Handheld episode 104!

Colin is sounding a bit different this week…

Here’s what we discussed on the podcast:

  • More adorable cover plates comes to the UK

  • Great article from NintendoEverything detailing all the remaining 2015 3DS release dates.
  • Volgarr the Viking is being developed for 3DS AND Vita!

  • Binding of Isaac for 3DS is getting an update.

  • Pokemon re-releases coming to Europe in October – bundled with a map and a cartridge case. Pokeball.jpg
  • PS Plus games have been announced – including the first one chosen through voting – for Europe and America
  • Farming Simulator 2016 might be Vita console exclusive according to Amazon
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors comes out next week on Vita (NA) 
  • Xeodrifter comes out as part of PS Plus in September. Watch a trailer below, and check out this great article from a producer at Gambitious Digital Entertainment
  • Reviews of Xenoblade Chronicles and Lara Croft: Relic Run

Thanks to Emma for coming on!

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