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100: PS Mobile Revived!, Amiibo Cards & Nostalgia Podcasting

Heroes of Handheld 100

Welcome to episode 100(!) of Heroes of Handheld!

This week on the podcast:

  • Reviews – a micro Majoras Mask 3DS review plus /NekoBuro – CatsBlock on Vita!
  • Nintendo have won another patent case! This one against Quintal Research Group, Inc. More in depth info here.
  • A super interesting blog on the sega page about Streets of Rage 2
  • Hope you like Hello Kitty and Rhythm games! Rising Star Games have announced two coming out for 3DS.
  • Amiibo cards coming 2nd October 1
  • Why not get your Vita engraved?
  • Odin Sphere is getting a Vita remaster!
  • Looks like you can still buy PS Mobile games.

  • More Vita titles on sale!
  • Why not back this SICK Hotline Miami biker figure on Kickstarter?

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below: 

You can even Download the MP3 via by Clicking Here.

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