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97: Love mystifies Nintendo, Gravity Rush 2 & Horror on Handheld

  • Be a good person and fight Heart Disease here!
  • Fire Emblem will sort of let you have homosexual relationships (sort of). Also, more info is leaking about the online battle systems
  • Nintendo Network Maintenance is coming June 29th – may affect Monster Hunter online play
  • Is a smaller New 3DS coming to the States? Kotaku interview here says ‘possibly’
  • Pokemon IV and EV guide is worth a read!
  • Cease and Desist translating Dragon Quest 7!
  • Vita hits 4 million sales in Japan!
  • New System update!Untitled
  • Shuhei Yoshida says Sony are ‘waiting for the right time’ to reveal Gravity Rush 2
  • Whispering Willows comes out June 30th!
  • Famitsu have announced a game based on Punch Line. Lots of panties.
  • Yomowari from Nippon Ichi:

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