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93: Sony E3 Plans Revealed, Nintendo Enforcing Amiibo Policy & New Games Galore!

Here’s Colins stupid video to kick things off

Now that’s out of the way – here’s this weeks discussion points!

  • Sony’s E3 strategy might not involve a lot of Vita
  • Home for the Vita is worth playing
  • Chris went to Comic Con! Here’s the trailer for lifespeed which plays really well:
  • Nintendo titles in the Humble Bundle (as long as you’re in the States!)
  • Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is coming Winter 2015!
  • Japanese Prisons will let you play a DS if you’re over 65 and suffering from Dementia
  • Octodad comes to Vita this week!
  • Super Robot Wars BX comes to Japan in the summer – here’s a trailer:
  • Paddington and Garfield Kart coming in the Summer – more info over at everybodyplays!
  • Lost Dimension will have you stabbing your friends in the back on Vita!
  • Wholesomegamer solving the Vita price cuts enigma
  • Leaked game memo – Nintendo enforcing one amiibo per purchase

  • Special Sales for PS Plus members!
  • Loot Interactive may have some games to play at E3 – thanks PlayStationLifestyle!
  • Step into the ‘panties of hope’ and search for the ‘bra of eternal darkness’ in Genkai Tokki: Moreo Crystal (thanks Nichegamer!)

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