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82: Hotline Miami 2 is coming, PS Vita crushes New 3DS & 3DS Birthday Bash!

Heroes of Handheld 82

This week on the podcast:


  • Sony’s super spring sale!
  • Happy 4th Birthday to the 3DS! We reflect on four wonderful years of handheld glory.
  • A bunch of great Donkey Kong titles coming to American eShop!  
  • UK Retailers are going crazy with 2DS prices
  • April brings new faceplates to the new3DS
  • OlliOlli 2 release date – comes out next week!
  • An excellent week for Vita sales in Japan!
  • Free Destiny of Spirits DLC!
  • Jacket is coming to Payday! 


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You can even Download the MP3 via by Clicking Here.

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