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72: The End of the 3DS XL, Sony Promises their undying Vita love & Free MOBA

3DS Skateboarding, Invokers Tournament and Metal Gear Solid makes it to Japan!


  • Olli Olli coming to 3DS / Wii U / Xbox!
  • The New 3DS lets you watch 3D YouTube videos in 3D!
  • MGS Snake eater finally arrives in Japan  – thanks NintendoEverything!
  • Bravely Second gets a demo in Japan next week! (source: gamestalk )
  • WEBSITE BONUS – A really cool amiibo customisation guide 
  • Rune Factory 4 is a week away for European 3DS users! 
  • Nintendo ceasing production of the 3DSXL in Japan! More info on Neogaf
  • Japan Vita sales get a boost, thanks to Phantasy Star Nova! (gematsu )
  • PlayStation North America love vita too…honest… (source)
  • Happy 20th anniversary PlayStation! They’re celebrating with a sale
  • Invokers Tournament arrives today on PS4 and Vita!


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