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71: Sony refunds Vita owners, Nintendo Download Boxes? & Black Friday Sales

3 Million Pokemon, Sony’s advert mistakes and hardcore Etrian Odyssey journalism.

Welcome to episode 71 of Heroes of Handheld!

This week on the podcast:

  • What weird stuff did you eat as a kid?
  • POKEMON sales stats are super high- and it’s not even out in Europe! Source – siliconera
  • 3DS games will be coming as download codes in plastic boxes. Does any one quite know why?

  • New ETRIAN ODYSSEY games announced!
  • The $600+ amiibo  
  • Keep your eyes peeled for Black Friday digital sales from both Nintendo and PlayStation.
  • Sony refunding Vita owners for lying in original ads- thanks Kotaku!
  • Not all that great PlayStation advert pulled by Sony (watch at the bottom of the page!)
  • A new (ish) Vita game about romancing birds (and not the kind you might imagine – trailer at the bottom of the page!)
  • December PS Plus announced for USA and Europe!
  • A great MINECRAFT Vita bundle from Amazon UK


  • ETRIAN ODYSSEY x Mystery Dungeon!
  • ETRIAN ODYSSEY V! (Trailer hosted by IGN!)
  • The pulled PS4 ad – what do you think? Get in touch!

Remember this horrible Sony add from a few years back?

PS Vita

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