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Telling Tales 1: Welcome to the World of Telltale

Walking Dead Season Two for PS Vita dissection, new Game of Thrones pics & Tales from the Borderlands has a new trailer!

Welcome to the brand new show from the Heroes of Handheld network. It’s still those two lovable rascals you know and love, but this time all they talk about is Telltale Games!

For episode one:

  • There is a new trailer for the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands, which even gives us an idea of where about the story will fit within the Borderlands universe. Its the art style we all know and love!


  • We also had some more details on the upcoming Telltale Game of Thrones game, with some beautiful screenshots of some familiar faces. You can view the full gallery here.

Cercy Margery Tyrian

  • And finally, Colin finally completed The Walking Dead Season Two on PS Vita, and now Colin and Chris can compare notes! Expect alot of spoilers, as the heroes dissect Season Two, and examine what the outcome will mean for Season Three. You can also check out Colins review of Season One of the Walking Dead for PS Vita here.

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below: 

You can even Download the MP3 via Archive.org by Clicking Here.

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