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70: Around the Sony Bend, Pin it on Monster Hunter & AAA returns

New Heroes of Handheld podcast, homebrew code for 3DS and Sony bragging.

Loads to talk about in Epiode 70 of Heroes Of Handheld! Including but not limited to:

  • Ubisoft flop Cubic Ninja sales soar thanks to it’s involvement in 3DS Homebrewing. See the reveal from famed hacker Smealum here
  • (Not promoting homebrewed code but thought it was interesting this game is suddenly super popular.)

  •  Miyamoto turns 62 this week, and The Telegraph have done a really interesting interview with him here – including some interesting discussion on cinema’s influence in games.
  • Smash Bros hits a million sales in US, becoming the 10th 3DS game to do so. Thanks, IGN.
  • More themes a-coming!

  •  MH Preorder bonus revealed – can you cope with the excitement?
  • My favourite article of  the week –  a cool Kotaku piece comparing the remake of Majora’s Mask to the original!
  • Minecraft PS Vita is the biggest selling version of Minecraft on a Sony device (Outselling PS4/PS3 – source )
  • A new AAA from Sony Bend? Source: gamingbolt
  • SCEA Boss calls Vita the best handheld gaming experience in an interview with IGN
  • Football manager not likely to return to PS Vita (thanks, digitalspy!)
  • All this and a new podcast from Heroes of Handheld? Check back on Friday 21st!

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below: 

You can even Download the MP3 via by Clicking Here.

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