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68: Breaking Telltale?, Nintendo Knocks Region Lock & Puzzlingly Actiony

  • Colin has finally played Walking Dead Season 2 (Ep 1)
  • Where would you set a Telltale game? (We like Breaking Bad, Michael Jackson’s house and Bojack Horseman)
  • Nintendo Direct November 5th!

  • Iwata explains why Europe / NA should wait for New3DS/3DSXL (more info at mynintendonews )
  • Nintendo potentially considering ending region locking (source: Eurogamer)
  • WiiU and 3DS will soon be able to predownload games! (Thanks, siliconera)
  • Minutes comes to Vita soon – it’s a hybrid of action/bullet hell/puzzle. Review next week on the podcast! Sadly however, the game is not mint flavoured 😦

  • Binding of Issac new Trailer:
  • Resogun is coming to Vita!
  • Some PS PLUS info for December / January!


Bonus! Here’s the video Chris and Colin were a part of over the weekend!

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