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Smashcast 21: Review, censorship and roster-logic

Finally, Super Smash Bros for 3DS gets reviewed! Aso lots of Sakurai comment, and a quick look at some censorship.

Welcome to Smashcast from your pals at Heroes of Handheld!

This week featuring:

  • A much longer, more comprehensive review of Super Smash Brothers for 3DS (Compared to the brief one in Episode 64 of Heroes of Handheld)
  • Sakurai on the character Roster – with articles from NintendoEverything & Kotaku
  • Did Tharja and her weirdly revealing armour get censored? 
  • Chris’ 5 ups and 5 downs of Smash Brothers 4 were:
    • Dislikes: Not much to do, Unlocking is fiddley, Smash Run is a missed opportunity, Playing with Friends online is limited and ‘For Fun’ can be pretty laggy. Here’s hoping some of these things get fixed in patches!
    • Likes: Looks and sounds wonderful, Gameplay is solid as ever, the Roster is really lovely, the whole feel of the game has been upgraded to place it somewhere between Brawl & Melee, and onlie 1v1s are incredibly tense.

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