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64: Smash Bros Monster Mash, Atlantic PS TV divide & Theme Team

Custom Themes, Smash thoughts & PS Plus

Welcome to episode 64 of Heroes of Handheld!

  • It’s a great week for updates – with updated for both the 3DS and Vita systems – both have a heavy focus on THEMES. Check out the 3DS Changelog here
  • Also includes a useless screenshot feature

  • Check the theme preview from Nintendaan 
  • You can read more info on the PS Vita system update here on the PS Blog
  • Scans of a New 3DS pamphlet highlight a heavy focus on colour / customisation – have at Famicomplicated
  • Games for PS Plus in October are out!
  • There is also a great sale on the European PSN store
  • We finally know what Satoru Okada is working on (clue – he’s actually retired. Source)
  • More information on the PS  TV
  • Official Nintendo Magazine, after existing in various forms for 20+ years in the UK, has published it’s last issue.
  • Just what is a ‘Network Media Player‘? (New thing for Vita announced)
  • We also have a Smash Bros initial thoughts review as well as discussion on Futuridium.
  • You want Monster Hunter trailers? Here’s two!


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