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61: Vita TGS line-up revealed, High Panted Metroid & Layton in London

Welcome to Heroes of Handheld Episode 61!

This week on the Podcast (aside from chatter about dodgy Italian rose salesmen)

  • New goodies for North America  – including a MH4U collector’s edition and some new 3DS XL models (thanks, Gematsu!)NES 3DS XL
  • A Vita bundle featuring Fifa 15( source VG247 ) coming out September 26th for €199.99.
  • A great Nintendo sale on the EShop for North America, with new deals every week. This is all themed around Smash Bros – and you can watch streaming of Smash Bros for 3DS on September12th at . All this comes after the Japanese get a 3DS Smash Bros demo which released today (10th September 2014)
  • Check out what sold well on the PSN store in August – charts for America and Europe are out on the PS blog.
  • The New 3DS will (predictably) be region locked
  • Next Level Games were once considering a new Metroid game – check out their concept art! Colin wasn’t a fan but I think it looks super pretty. (Thanks, Destructoid!)
  • The new Layton game is rumoured to be set in London – with Sherlock Holmes appearing? Check out the full story on Kotaku.  First Look at Sherlock Holmes in the New Ace Attorney
  • The 3DS Game for Attack on Titan is getting a sort of sequel expansion – which comes out late this year. Features online play as well as text chat, new levels  (Source)
  • Binding of Issac is free on PS Plus next month – according to Tyrone Rodriguez on the PS Plus blog
  • TGS Line Up is out for playable Vita games – have a read on thevitalounge

Colin also briefly reviews the title TxK!

Me and Colin briefly mentioned another older podcast we used to do – give it a listen here (though prepare your cringe-shield, it’s really old!)

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