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Smashcast19: Leaks, wagers and double pack

LEAK LEAK LEAK (and some other stuff)

Welcome to Smashcast episode 19!

This episode contains:

  • Discussion on the huge leaks – including several previously unknown characters (notice I am keeping this sentence spoiler free).
  • Official Shulk reveal – check out the trailer 
  • Is Ganondorf in this trailer? Make up your own mind – is that him on the side? 
  • A fiend scale for single player mode – how brave are you feeling? 
  • Pre-order bonuss from Nintendo UK – including a Sweatband?! Throw your money at them here
  • Nintendo Italy confirm a double pack – featuring two copies of the 3DS game
  • Nintendo have also confirmed an official Super Smash Bros version of the NEW 3DS XL – Japan only.
  • Register both versions of Smash for a SMASHING (ho ho ho) soundtrack. More info when available here
  • Have Ice Climbers been leaked? 
  • Finally a 5 Minute long Japanese trailer for Smash Bros. You need to see this – even if you speak no Japanese (like myself). 

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below: 

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