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59.5: Improved 3DS models, Ps Plus in September and Chris’ whizzy editing

Nintendo Direct, Terraria mis-pronounciations and the year of Chris’ birth is finally revealed.

Thanks for listening to Episode 59.5 of Heroes of Handheld!

This week on the podcast:

  • New models of 3DS – announced to be more powerful and include a second control stick. Watch the full Nintendo Direct (in Japanese) below!
  • PS Plus September announcements – including Joe Danger and TXK
  • More video from Bravely Second, which is looking like it’s going to be great!
  • JRPG Thumbs up goes to Etrian Odyssey 2, which comes to Japan in November. Etrian Odyssey fans rejoice (thanks Crunchyroll) 
  • Pokken Tournament looks great – 
    – and will hopefully include some incredible fighting game based Eeveelutions 

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