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58: The Great PS Vita Gamescom backlash & Set Sales for Handheld!

PS Vita is ignored at Gamescom and a link between Mario and Zelda!?

Welcome to episode 58!

In this episode, amongst chatter about cheese and birthdays:

We take a second to remember Robin Williams – not our usual discussion but Robin was a keen gamer and even named his daughter Zelda. Watch them promoting Ocarina Of Time below

News wise:

  • Sony were pretty quiet about Vita at Gamescom. The mood amongst the community isn’t great, and is best summed up in this gif:
  • There’s a cool sale on the Nintendo eShop – as well as the PSN in EU and North America.Embedded image permalink
  • PS Now has a sort of release date in EU – for the open beta anyways – as does the Vita TV box thing. PS Now will launch the Beta early next year whilst Vita TV box thing comes out November 14th.
  • A very fancy looking Super Smash Bros themed 3DS XL has been announced (as far as we know coming exclusively to Europe in October)
  • A fancy new trailer for Minecraft on the Vita 
  • Ever wanted to play as Waluigi in Ocarina of Time? Now you can! More info here
  • Finally, a modder has created a way to play 2DS using a Gamecube controller. Potentially perfect for fighting games? More information here at

Review wise, we talk about

Assassins Creed: Pirates for Android / iOs

Tabletop Racing for PS Vita

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