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54.5: No Shock on Bioshock Vita & Nintendo loves the FUTURE

Ken Levine comes clean on Bioshock Vita and there has been 100 million Pokemon trades!

Welcome to episode 54.5 of Heroes of Handheld. Once again Chris is away, so its a half way episode! Your getting your handheld news fix, with a little less Chris. Imagine a Burger without garnish… that’s what this week is!

So this week in the World of Nintendo:

  • Kirby has some mini bundles of good news
  • Trade your Pokemon cards… Virtually?!
  • 100 Million is Pokemons favourite number
  • First Nintendo gave you cross buy… and now something more exciting!

Nintendo fans everywhere [Source:]
Nintendo fans everywhere [Source:]
In the world of Sony:

    • The head cheese for Bioshock spills the beans on delayed handheld Rapture adventures…
    • Minecraft is coming…
    • Yoshida back tracks
    • Two weird Vita games annouced at Anime Expo 2014

Check out the video for htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary below


And heres a creepy video for Criminal Girls: Invite Only


And here is an awesome Cosplay of the Luigi Death Stare at Anime Expo.


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One thought on “54.5: No Shock on Bioshock Vita & Nintendo loves the FUTURE

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