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IndieCast 16: The Console Seller

Yoshida back tracks, Bad news for FTL and Raise your Banners.

Welcome to Episode 16 of IndieCast, the podcast dedicated to everything Indie related on the PS Vita.

There isn’t much in the way of Indie game annoucements this week, but there are a few interesting news stories that have surfaced, thanks to comments from people within Sony. On this weeks episode :


  • Following Shuhei Yoshidas comments at E3 on the lack of first-party games coming to Vita, he released another statement, aiming to sooth Vita owners disappointment.
  • A member of the PlayStation Strategic Content team Shahid Ahmad has made comments that will please all you Indie lovers, and confuse everyone else…
  • Vita owners, who are also fans of the PC and Mac indie game FTL: Faster than light have received some bad news this week.


  • Minecraft is coming to Handheld, and Colin is a little excited…



  • and The Banner Saga could be ready to raise its banners for House Handheld.

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