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54: Nintendo’s Cross Buy Revelation & The Vanishing Vita Conspiracy

Nintendo discovers Cross Buy, Vita’s vanishing act & Freedom War Woes for EU.

Welcome to episode 54 of Heroes of Handheld, The podcast that not only delivers you handheld gaming news, but is also presented by Brits! What’s not to love?

This week Chris is away, probably going to bed, so Colin has brought in a replacement for one show and one show only! The podcast must go on!

This week in the world of PS Vita:

  • Freedom Wars has some bad news for Europeans, but has some interesting sales figures in Japan.
  • PS Plus has new games, and we are dead excited.
  • Vitas have been vanishing from retailers across America… could this be the end of Handheld as we know it?
  • Twitch have an itch for Sony and Nintendo.
  • and Sony has an awesome Sale.


Monster Mash [Source:]
Monster Mash [Source:]

In the world of Nintendo

  • A Nintendo AND Minecraft fan? Get excited! (Potentially)
  • Shovel Knight is powning… but not here in the UK.
  • Prepare yourself, Cross Buy is coming.
  • Satoru Iwata has some good news to share.
  • and Hatsune Miku goes west!

I am Minecraft Man! [Source:]
I am Minecraft Man! [Source:]
We also have a review for the Android and iOS game, Kim Kardashian Hollywood… No seriously.


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