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53: Megaman Madness, PS Now Prices & Patch that Update

PS Now, Get Well Soon Iwata and Shuhei Never says Never to a PS Vita PS4 Bundle

Welcome to Episode 53!


News before the news:

  • Colin isn’t happy with PS Now Prices
  • Telltale discussion – including Borderlands on Vita and some Wolf Among Us episode 4 chatter 
  • What plays when you call up Nintendo?



  • Satoru Iwata isn’t very well – read the full letter to the shareholders here
  • Mario Golf DLC is out – costs £5.39 in the UK or €5.99 in Euros
  • Nintendo are giving $5 from every 3DSXL or 2DS sale in Canada to Charity (pretty classy!)
  • Ubisoft and Capcom have eShop announcements
  • Shuhei Yoshida quote James Bond when it comes to Vita and PS4 Bundles (source: Polygon)
  • Borderlands 2 patch is incoming – as is a Killzone Mercenary update
  • Japan is getting a ‘Surge’ of Surge games (source: Hokanko)
  • PlayStation are making moves to make Mobile games easier to port to Vita.


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