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IndieCast 14: Indie 3

Exciting new Vita games & What to expect from E3.

Its episode 14 of IndieCast, where its all Indie all the time! E3 is just around the corner, which means a load of new games are about to be announced, and with 100 indie games in development for the PS Vita, its going to be an exciting year!

There is a huge list of games that are going to be available to play on the show floor at the Sony Booth, but Colin picked out 5 games which excited him the most! Keep you eyes peeled to our Twitter Feed for all the latest on new Indie Releases for Vita, and everything indie at E3!

Don’t Starve

Colin Predicted it in Episode 50 of Heroes of Handheld, and it came true 2 days later! Don’t Starve is officially coming to PS Vita, courtesy of Klei Entertainment. To make this even more awesome, Vita owners are getting the Giants Edition, which includes the Reign OF Giants  DLC!

He's behind you! [Source: Polygon]
He’s behind you! [Source: Polygon]

Think Sims and SimCity, and then mix it with your favourite music festival. Thats right, its up to you to create your own festival. This game includes real life music of your own preference, and is also being made my Sheffield based developer On The Metal. Rock On.


Flyhunter Origins

Haven’t you always dreamed of being a Flyhunter? Of course you have, and Steel Wool Games is giving you the opportunity to live that dream! It apparently involves aliens, but what ever the story it looks rather splendid.

Really Bugged Me [Source: Ripstone]
Really Bugged Me [Source: Ripstone]
Super Exploding Zoo

Those crazy guys from HoneySlug, who brought us the wonderfully crazy Frobisher Says!, are back with their equally crazy looking game Super Exploding Zoo. Super Indeed.


Explosion Found! [Source: VG247]
Explosion Found!
[Source: VG247]
Akibas Trip: Undead and Undressed

A JRPG that is making its way to the west from Japan courtesy of XSEED Games. It involves the undead and finding clothes… whats not to like?


And Lastly CounterSpy, which still hasn’t been released after having gameplay demos and everything at last years E3! Hopefully we shall here more this year on an actual release date! For more info Check out the Dynamighty website!



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