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49: Minecraft and Harvest Moon inbound & Jacket goes to Comic-Con

 Comic-cons, Farming Simulator and Borderlands 2 finally out on Vita in Europe!

Lots to talk about this week on episode 49- so lets get stuck in!

  • Chris went to MCM and saw loads of 3DS players (and not quite as many Vita owners)
  • We got a cool review! Thanks Jestin of Nerds Domain. We’re always after reviews and feedback, so please feel free to review us on iTunes / Stitcher as well as your own sites!

Actual news wise:

  • A Harvest Moon spiritual sequel is coming to North America this year! It’s called Story Of Seasons and has been out in Japan for a while.
  • The Pokemon Company are celebrating 100 Million GTS trades with a special edition Vivillon (which looks very pretty!)
  • Nintendo are finally changing their YouTube policy to give some ad revenue to content creators!
  • The Mysterious Murasame Castle, a Virtual Console release of the Famicom hit “Nazo no Murasame Jō”, is coming to the west on May 29th for €4.99/£4.49.
  • Farming Simulator 2014 is coming to Vita and 3DS in June! HOLD ON TO YOUR TRACTOR SEATBELTS farming_simulator_14-03
  • Minecraft is coming to the Vita in August this year! (Just North America confirmed at the moment but we will watch this space for EU)
  • Borderlands 2 is finally out on Vita in the EU this week!
  • Monster Hunter Frontier G comes out in Japan August 13th, and features the ability for PS3 and Vita players to team up!
  • Dragons Crown could finally be coming to PS Plus! Check out this banner that was on the PS Store a bit too early: Free Games For Playstation Plus Subscribers For June 2014
  • Red Goddess: Inner World is a really interesting looking Vita game which has reached it’s target on Kickstarter.


  • Sparkle 2 – Colin’s gone and made a video! 
  • Minutes – Chris played it at MCM and it’s top notch fun! It’s being developed by Red Phantom Games and is set to release ‘Mid-2014’. Geometric Bullet-hell with an incredible soundtrack.



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Bonus picture: Chris dressed as Jacket!


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