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46: The Newest Old Pokemon Game, Slim in the States & Ode to Killzone

Borderlands 2 Vita, Pokemon Gen-3 re-releases, Nintendo patents, and Shattered Vita Memories.


Hi there! Welcome to Episode 46 of Heroes Of Handheld! This week on the podcast:

Before we get started:

  • Colin’s looking to swap his Rayman for your Andy Murray (Swapbacks, 1st eds shinies only, behind the bike sheds at break time)
  • There’s discussion on Chris and Colin slowly going broke on the PSN sales.
  • We’re having a Killzone Party – and you’re invited! Get in touch if you want to play.

News wise:

  • Two previously announced Konami horror games are no longer coming to Vita.
  • Nintendo have patented a handheld device with customisable buttons. You really need to see the patent application to realise how cool this is.
  • Vita Slim is out in the good old US of A – initial reviews are positive, especially of the bundled in Borderlands 2.
  • God Of War 1 & 2 re-releases are out on Vita – again, to rave reviews.
  • Two (well technically three) new Pokemon games! One that looks ok and two that are very exciting. The first is Pokemon Art Academy (currently Japan exclusive) 
    followed by Generation 3 re-releases on the 3DS: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Very exciting! (bring on the trumpets!)
  • Renegade Kid, (the Mutant Mudds developer), after a less than successful Kickstarter, is looking at making a new 3DS game – described as “experimental and 2D”. Watch this space!
  • There’s also some breaking news, as whilst we were recording Dualshockers had what they believed to be Sony’s E3 Press Conference laid out.

Reviews wise, we have a quick chat about Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. And is Hearthstone worth buying an IPad for?

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