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Smashcast 13: Balloon fights and boxing ring lights

Hi there and thanks for listening to Smashcast – the premium Smash Bros podcast from your buddies at Heroes Of Handheld. This week on the podcast:

  • Potential character leaks: not sure how legit this roster is (some of these pictures look very old – Ganondorf + Yoshi for example) but would be a cool final list if so! And I definitely hope Chrom is in the game.  Most likely a faked image though.
  • Final destination version of Gerudo Valley looks SO GOOD – and will play the wonderful Gerudo music in the background 
  • BREAKING NEWS on the Punch Out Boxing Ring stage. For months fan have been asking “CAN YOU JUMP ON THE LIGHTS?!” Finally we have an answer.
  • Balloon Fight stage for the 3DS looks cracking – and loops round horizontally!
  • Smash Run has been given more detail – you’ll be able to power your fighters up before the power up stage even begins!
  • You’ll be able to tether grab from the side of the stage – adding a more competitive edge to characters like Link and Samus
  • Beam swords are back whilst Fire Bars are looking deadly
  • Yoshi is getting some rainbow-licious cosmetic tweaks
  • The racoon leaf from Super Mario will be appearing – allowing characters to float about, and maybe even attack!
  • Dillon, from the eponymous Dillon’s Rolling Western, will be appearing as an assist trophy. Potential theory for the music that plays on his appearance: 
  • A really exciting looking Smash Bros tournament hosted by Nintendo at this year’s E3 – more details in last weeks Heroes Of Handheld!

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below:   For extra goodies you can also check us out on Youtube and Twitter. 


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