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45: A Glitch Itch, The Golden Week & Grin… it’s Grinsia!

Welcome to Episode 45 of Heroes of Handheld!

Before we get started – apologies for the audio issues in this episode. It’s all Colin’s fault and he’s really very sorry. If you choose to skip this one noone will cry (much) – but you should drive through the storm, because we have loads of great content this week! Including but not limited to:

In the warm-up:

  • PS1 / PSP Games no longer coming to American Vitas – it got taken away the day after we recorded Ep 44! Apologies from Colin!
  • Sweet story about a hospitalised child who is able to play all his PS4 games from his Hospital Bed thanks to the wonder of Vita:
  • Happy birthday to GAME FREAK – creators of Pokemon.  They this week celebrate 25 happy years of being awesome!
  • Chris and Colin give out their weekly dose of petty level rant: this time aimed at Killzone and eBay on Tennis


In the news:

  • Nintendo reveal their E3 Presence through a hilarious video:
  • PSN in the States is having a cracking Golden Week sale
  • Grinsia on 3DS has a North American release date – coming out on May the 8th! I wrote about how cool this game looks aaages ago in “5 Ones to watch on 3DS“.
  • Monument Valley – the Ios smash hit could be coming toVita
  • Nintendo’s focus might be widening – with a focus on improving “quality of life” through entertainment (not just games!) Have a read of the full interview with Diamond.JP (translated by CVG here )
  • Borderlands release date – and Amazon now have the same release date for Borderlands 2 Vita in the UK – could we finally be getting it on May 23rd?
  • The release window for Minecraft Vita has been narrowed down a smidgeon – between Q2 and Q3 this year.
  • Two amazing 3DS trailers: Kirby Triple Deluxe, and the newest Phoenix Wright game!

  • 3DSGameNight are setting up something touching for the month of May


Colin very briefly reviews Starlight Inception for Vita, as well as talking about the Mario Golf demo for 3DS.

And finally…

There’s also a special birthday treat for Colin as the Vita vagrant celebrates his 22nd Birthday!

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