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IndieCast 12: Dropkick to Kickstart

Hello and welcome to a late edition of Indie Cast, the only podcast dedicated to everything indie on the PS Vita! Once again there was a flurry of game announcements for the PS Vita and its lovely Indie section this week, including:

Mechrunner – Finally Sony fans can get their fill of giant robot goodness. Coming soon to Vita, PS4 and PC, if you wanna give Spark Plug Games a hand in applying some polish to the game, why not support their kickstarter?

Teslagrad – A pretty looking game inspired by classic Disney Animation techniques, coming soon to Vita and PS3. Check out the cool screenshots below, and also the developer Rain Games.

Evil bird is the word [Source: PushSquare]
Evil bird is the word [Source: PushSquare]
DisneyLand Teslagrad [Source: PushSquare]
DisneyLand Teslagrad [Source: PushSquare]
Citizens of Earth – Atlus came along and saved this game from oblivion, after its failed kickstarter campaign. If your a RPG enthusiast, get excited.

Cel Damage HD – A remake of the 2001 vehicle combat game, experience driving madness in crisper definition! Its out now on PS3, PS4 and of course the PS Vita!

Looney Racing [Source: GameSpot]
Looney Racing [Source: GameSpot]

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