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44: Telltale Talk, Bargain Bonanza & Heroes of Hearthstone

Hello and welcome to episode 44 of Heroes of Handheld!

This week’s a quick episode: featuring a nice chatty opening section before hitting you with some hardcore video games journalism.

In the intro:

  • Colin’s finally finished Hotline Miami – and the team continue to celebrate one of the best games on Vita
  • Telltale talk: the two talk about Ep 3 of Wolf Among Us as well as recent news about Walking Dead S2 on Vita
  • Chris has bought Arkham Origins Blackgate, for better or for worse. Hear his initial impressions.


  • May’s PlayStation Plus games have been announced! Including Murumasa and Everybody’s Golf for Vita
  • More Golf news – of the Mario variety! We have details of how the Season Pass will work (watch some gameplay below, thanks to GameXplain on YouTube) as well as an in depth look at the eShop offer which isn’t actually an offer.
  • #jrpgvita is slowly becoming a thing – and our JRPG thumbs up of the week goes to Tales Of Hearts R, which won a recent unofficial Twitter poll ran by Sony as to which JRPG should come to Vita (hence the Hashtag – Colins not a fan)
  • The new Phoenix Wright game is set in Japan’s Meiji era – which contains the late 1800s through to the early 1900s. It’ll star an early ancestor of Phoenix and is so far only confirmed to come out in Japan.
  • American Vita owners can now play all PS1 and PSP titles on their Vita – great news for fans of classics such as Crash and Spyro which previously weren’t able to be easily played on the Vita.
  • Finally there are some new 3DS announcements and trailers for 3DS games coming out in the West – including Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call (source: IGN), Cave Story getting an EU release (source: Eurogamer), a new trailer for Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends and one more for Monster Hunter 4G.

Hearthstone, the f2p card game from the makers of World Of Warcraft, is out on iOS and Colin’s been giving it a quick play.

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