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43: Japanese japes, Championship Manager costs and golfing on the go!

Welcome to Episode 43 of Heroes Of Handheld!

This week there’s no Colin so it’s a bit of a shake-up, and we use the emergency back up tape to get through all of the week’s burning handheld news.

It’s been quite a quiet week for both Vita and 3DS: and we present this week’s splatterings of news.

  • Tomodachi Life Collection is coming to the 3DS – originally released in Japan, the game seems absolutely bonkers (see below)
  • Mario Golf has a great deal where you can get a free copy of Mario Golf for GBC if you buy the game quickly enough. We also now know that a demo will be out this month
  • PS Vita Championship Manager – it’s out on Vita and Colin’s not happy with the price point
  • Minecraft on Vita has been teased in the background of a tweet: you can just about make it out in the background! Embedded image permalink
  • 3DS Price drops – in America, 5 big titles will have RRP price drops to $29.99: Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong Country Returns and New Super Mario Bros 2
  • For Vita, both Killzone & Terraria have got big updates to download. Let us know what you think!
  • There are also a few other bits and bobs – including Freedom Wars, MiiVerse bans and news from the creative minds behind Zero Escape

The team will be back at full strength next week, but thats it for now! Hope you enjoy and speak soon (once Colin manages to make his bail payments)

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below:   For extra goodies you can also check us out on Youtube and Twitter. 


Article extra: Shuhei Yoshida’s cracking MiiVerse post. Worthy of a ban?

Shuhei Yoshida’s bannable MiiVerse post



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